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Public speaking

On-air personality and public speaker:

  • Global affairs, crisis management, and news coverage
  • Sustainable development, social-benefit architecture, and permaculture
  • Urban planning, design, and revitalization 


In preparation for on-air discussions, perform the following tasks:

  • Discuss segment with producers to confirm topic, format, and audience
  • Establish discussion parameters based on ownership, sponsors, and community relations
  • Confirm arrival time, hit time, and duration of appearance 
  • Address topic, context, and breadth and depth of discussion
  • Review producer briefing package, conduct specialized research, and study competing arguments
  • Develop three or more key points, queue up facts, and refine talking points
  • Deliver compelling intro, bio, and talking points to producer and host
  • Assure crisp appearance with fresh haircut, shave, and manicure
  • Dress in solid colors, business attire or requested wardrobe 
  • Check in 15 minutes before the hit or as needed for make-up, hair, etc.
  • Remain briefed on current affairs and be prepared for breaking news
  • Stick to planned comments, unless prompted otherwise
  • Debrief with producer and host
  • Confirm requirements for next on-air appearance
  • Follow up via email with three derivative topics and talking points
  • Share just-in-time recommendations on breaking news