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About Us


Our Mission

Our  mission is to assist purpose-driven clients in planning, developing,  and implementing groundbreaking local, national, and international  projects that support the greater good. We assist for-profit,  non-profit, and publicly funded organizations with research, engagement,  and mobilization services centered on psychosocial, socioeconomic, and  sociopolitical opportunities of importance to humanity. We offer unique insight, capabilities, and services that help clients and their audiences understand the effects of politics, political risk, and  political innovation on their world — all toward a better functioning  society.


Our Solutions

Greater  Good Associates provides stakeholder research, engagement, and  mobilization services—with an emphasis on political risk analysis,  mitigation, and reversal. We represent innovators,  entrepreneurs, and executives—as well as public figures,  philanthropists, and investors—seeking to enter or expand U.S. and international markets in constructive ways. We support products, services, solutions, projects, and programs that deliver substantial social benefit to others—and contribute to broad-based socioeconomic  development. We (1) develop compelling print and digital content, (2)  syndicate strategic messaging across media and political channels, and  (3) increase demand across individuals, organization, and communities.


Why Us?

Greater Good Associates has monitored, analyzed, and favorably influenced geopolitical developments and related societal needs for more than 30 years, building reliable contacts and sustainable solutions across the globe. We serve corporations, the United Nations, media outlets (ranging from Fox and CNN to the BBC, Nigerian TV, and Sky News Arabia), and major philanthropists. Our contacts include Heads of State, Hollywood celebrities, and more hidden  influencers for the public good. We measure success by our ability to measurably improve the wellbeing, productive capacity, and socioeconomic status of individuals, organizations, and communities. Count on us to  help you help the world. We're available at +1 917-327-0651 and