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  • Discuss your organization, your customers, and their needs. 
  •  Review or develop your current mission statement, vision statement, and SMART objectives. 
  • Consider your market, organizational, and product development, management, and/or improvement plans. 
  • Evaluate your core functions of finance, marketing, and operations management. 
  • Discuss your directional, control, and sustaining functions of strategic/general, competency, and innovation management. 
  • Review your top products, services, and solutions; and your top three value propositions. 
  • Consider external opportunities and threats facing your organization, as well as your internal strengths and weaknesses (conducting a conversational SWOT Analysis).
  • Consider your options around current versus new products and current versus new markets (using a classic Ansoff Matrix to guide our discussions).
  • Discuss key rivals, buyers, suppliers, substitutes, and new entrants (working through Porter's Five Forces).
  • Consider strategic implications and imperatives (and any implications for your mission and vision statements).
  • Make clear strategic recommendations about best next steps toward your original or revised SMART objectives.